Khulana facilitates the space to connect and from tis connection we co-create the (new) world together.

Co creation is the key to the new world. Why? Because co creation asks us to own our experience and make conscious choices moment to moment. To be able to make conscious choices one needs to cleanse oneself from addictions. This is one reason why all our ceremony's are free of alcohol and drugs. Also it provides a safe space for us to connect and grow together. 


Statutes of our community 

Khulana is a sacred community of people who use the arts to experience Source. We connect and celebrate life as a Great Sacred Mystery.


1. Practices in Khulana: The Four Pathways

Stillness and meditation are fundamental in our practice. In our services we aspire to discover stillness through meditation, yet believe there are many way's to encounter this inner world.

The practice of Deepening 

It is an invitation to look behind the first layer of perception. We offer different practices for this. Offered in our services as well as courses run by our community members.

Connection is a basic human need. Thru connecting with fellow beings we learn, we grow, we celebrate, we create, we exist. In our community we use the practice of Sharing to acknowledge each other. Sharing means giving another person space/time to come forward with whatever holds their minds busy at the moment. This is a powerful practice to give unconditional love to each other.


Many of our services contain a non-speaking dancing practice.

Dancing is a way to journey to the heart. Dancing is a path to connect to the community in an ancient manner. Dancing allows for acceptance, safety and freedom. 

2. Governance

Khulana aims towards co-creation. We organise our community in the following order:

  1. Founders
  2. Co-creators, Artists and Facilitators
  3. Members
  4. Supporters


The founders of Khulana are responsible for the final decision making proces. They aim to integrate the pathways in the gatherings and services. Feedback from community members in various forms is a main key to inspiring harmonious choices.

Members that dedicate some of their time and energy to serve the community. Similar to karma yoga.

Artists and Facilitators: 

People that offer workshops, dance meditations, music, ceremonies and other activities that are part of our practices. These people are invited to gatherings by founders and/or core staff. Artists and facilitators are also very welcome to join Khulana but do not need to in order to offer their expertise, art, activity or workshop.

People that have joined the Khulana community. Joining is official when a member has registered thru our website. During the join process members can express which principles and practices are their primary focus. These choices are not final however. Members can decide at any moment to change their focus, or to expand it to different areas. 

The Khulana community exists because of the contributions of people.

Even if you are not a member, you can still support our cause.

3. Diversity

Everybody can join our Khulana community, who ever you are.

We kindly ask you to follow the guidelines as suggested during a ceremony.

4. Marketing

Khulana does not engage in paid marketing activities on social media platform such as Facebook or Google,

or television, radio or newspapers. Our Khulana website is the main portal.


5. Safety and Harmony

We stand for a safe environment and atmosphere.

If a situation is unsafe or too out of harmony, founders and co creators can decide to expel members.

Reasons for expelling members have to be severe. Examples include violent speech, disrespectful behaviour, inability to contain destructive emotions or behaviour.


This statute is created during meetings, gatherings, celebrations in the last 3 years.

We thank all fellow beings for their input and expressions in this process. 

If you feel to join our community, please fill in the form below.

Let us know how you would like to contribute to the Khulana community.

Thank you!

Om Shanti