Khulana a religious community 

Khulana means 'opening’ in Hindi



Khulana is a religious organisation which celebrates life and love in order to uplift our spirits.

We believe in joyful gatherings to celebrate life and connect with (our) Source. We have many practices for this.

Khulana is an organisation who promotes practices of Stillness, Deepening, Connection and Dance as a way to connect to the Great Mystery.

We encourage healthy and pure living yet we have no intentions of changing anything about you. We believe acceptance is to only route to change. 


Anyone is welcome to join our community! 

In our services we connect with Source and experience oneness. From Source empathy grows, acceptance flows and courageousness ignites and strengthens us and our immune system. We have many different practices in our services. 

See the four paths: meditation, deepening, dancing, connection. 

We have many ways to walk these four different paths. Creation is an important ingredient of our services and many of our practices.


Principles in this religious practice are:

#1 Truth  Be honest, look inside for this. There are no words to describe, only pointers. Some experiences are pointers towards truth.

#2 Beauty The arts will set us free. In order to gain freedom we apply the arts in our quest. 

#3 Freedom; Respect for how anyone wishes to live his/her life. In freedom we unite. We promote healthy and pure living.

Freedom is found within.

#4 Love; Be kind, listen. Acceptance is an act of love <3


We use these principles to organise the 4 pathways of our religion.


During the services and gatherings we use the principals of Nagual in our communication, in order the make a clear environment for everyone to express him or herself in.

1# Practice impeccability of the word

2# Don’t assume anything

3# Don't take anything personally

4# You are invited to bring your best, whatever that is on this moment