Welcome new friends & tribe of Khulana!


Next Saturday Ecstatic Dance!

Ecstatic Dance is freeform dance, with the following guidelines:

- no shoes, bare feet can connect to earth. Many good reasons to dance bare feet!

- no talking during the DJ-set on the dance floor; allow everyday thoughts to pass and get deeply connected with the music and yourself.

- no intoxifications; allow yourself to be free of drugs and alcohol on a night out.

Dance the night away and wake up refreshed and clear.

It's a game changer!

Ecstatic Dance is growing and we know why.

At Khulana we make a ceremony around Ecstatic Dance,

honouring stillness, deepening, connection and the celebration of life in dancing together.

People experience safety and a warm community, they tell us.

As we have a diverse programme from stillness to

Ecstatic Dance we advise you to wear multiple layers of clothing.

You are warmly welcomed!


! Welcome to Khulana !


17:30 Walk-in with the option to chill in our potluck canteen- bring some (veggie) food & share
19:00 Start ceremony; cacao ceremony & Funky Mantra's 

20:00 start Ecstatic Dance with DJade & Samson
22:30 Closing the night.


The ‘potluck cafe’ will be open to chat, chill and have your non-alcoholic drinks. Kombucha, cacao and snacks are available for you, all donation based.

Feel free to bring your 0% drinks & inclusive snacks to share.

We are looking forward connecting with you and dance & play together 🦋

Feel free to invite your friends and loved ones.


Find your donation tickets on Hipsy: