Welcome new friends & tribe of Khulana!


Khulana Saturday night, Ecstatic Dance night with DJade & Samson.

An evening with old and new friends, connection, experiencing deepening, stillness and celebrating life together. Welcome to Khulana!

Bring your yogamat/ sheepskin or cushion to sit comfortably. Wear multiple layers of clothing.
Please check out our program for the night:

18:30 Walk in
19:00 Start ceremony, word of welcome
19:15 Movement & connection Kristal
20:00 Ecstatic Dance DJade & Samson
22:00 Sensing with Kristal
22:15 Sharing
22:30 Closing the ceremony

Please note: the door closes at 19:45!
We are looking forward connecting with you and dance & play together 🦋



What is Khulana?

a conscious (no alcohol/no drugs) community

Why should I come to Khulana?

Khulana is an 'alternative' night out.

We host an evening where we connect with each other, where we invite a moment of stillness and where we allow ourselves to dive deep in order to rise up high by the music, dance and by the practises presented during the evening.


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