Welcome new friends & tribe of Khulana!


Khulana hosts 3 Ecstatic Dance evenings in march!

March 2 we host DJ Bravon, our friend brings his unique style of music

AND a DJ booth that lights up with the music 🤩

The ceremony will be created by Tamara Laszo and Jade.

Tamara mixes Open Floor Conscious Dance & Coaching

to facilitate self-awareness and gentle changes through open questions and guidance

towards an embodied dance where - 'all of who we are' - connects

Please note; the door closes at 19:45


March 16 DJ IRADI comes to spin his favourite tunes at Khulana,

our DJ friend from the very first time we organised Khulana Ecstatic Dance and gatherings ever! We will never forget these precious moments together.


March 30 resident DJade is spinning the tunes together

with her beloved partner Samson, they make quite a vibe together!


Please note; At this location we dance Silent Disco style. 


What is Khulana?

a conscious (no alcohol/no drugs) community

Why should I come to Khulana?

Khulana is an 'alternative' night out.

We host an evening where we connect with each other, where we invite a moment of stillness and where we allow ourselves to dive deep in order to rise up high by the music, dance and by the practises presented during the evening.


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